Case Studies

Evaporator D – Sellafield, United Kingdom

In addition to the contracts placed with Shepley Engineers and PPS Electrical, West Cumberland Engineering (WCEL) completed over one hundred contracts directly associated with Evaporator D. The majority of these were associated with pipework, ranging from small spools and pipe supports through to large vessels, approximately 20,000m of pipe/ducting and a modularised pipebridge. WCEL carried out over 10,000 pipe butt welds with a repair rate of less than 2%, and also manufactured an individual condenser from NAG material with over 2.5km of manual TIG weld and no weld repairs.

Client – COSTAINS Programme – Over 8 Years
Status – Complete Peak Man Power – Circa 35

Value – Circa £6million


Pipebridge – Sellafield, United Kingdom.

Scope – manufacture, inspect, package and deliver thirteen individual Pipebridge modules, with incorporated pre-installation of cable containment and insulated pipework, along with complete Life Time Quality Records. Due to the requirements of the Quality Plan, this project required close cooperation between WCEL and the client, which resulted in a successful project from manufacture to installation and handover. The Pipebridge installation was managed and carried out by Shepley Engineers Ltd. The installation phase was also completed to time and budget, with no issues and a smooth handover.

Client – Sellafield Programme – Circa 30 Weeks
Status – Complete Peak Man Power – 15
Value – Circa £2.5million


Skip Retrieval Tool – Sellafield, United Kingdom

Scope – manufacture, inspect, package and deliver a Skip Retrieval Tool, along with complete Life Time Quality Records. The SRT replaced an existing tool that had been damaged beyond use; the existing tool was situated in an active area, meaning that it could not be removed to be repaired an a replacement was required. This was a heavily engineered and complex piece of equipment that required highly skilled and experienced operatives (Platers, Welders, Machinists), supported by strong project management/engineering team to ensure adherence to the build specification and stringent QA requirements. The tool was delivered earlier than planned and commissioned almost immediately, with WCEL receiving reports that the tool was working well and without issue. WCEL was also praised for going “above and beyond what is normally expected”, with the cooperation between WCEL and the client having “definitely shown benefits for the ease of installation and setting to work”. Due to the success of the job, another tool was ordered and is currently undergoing fabrication (December 2017).

Client – Sellafield Programme – 14 Weeks
Status – Complete Peak Man Power – Circa 15
Value – Circa £55k



Renew Holdings Plc

Renew Holdings Plc

The Shepley Group is a subsidiary of Renew Holdings Plc. Renew provides operational support and asset care, critical planned and reactive maintenance and renewals, and civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services across its integrated Engineering Services Companies. While Renew supports all its subsidiaries in setting overall standards and allowing for the sharing of best practices,…